Policy and Procedures

Policy and procedures for Assuage Hair and Body

1. There is a $20 cancellation fee for any reason.

We do one client at a time to give you a private and luxurious experience, when you cancel we lose money. Our time is valued and vice versa.

2. All new clients must book a zoom (virtual) consultation. If you have not been to Assuage hair and body in 2 years you are considered a new client. we will decline your service request if you have not done or scheduled a consultation before your services.

3.We do not do consultations and services on the same day. At this time we do not offer in person consultations

4. We provide hair for braids, crochet styles and added hair services. We need a picture of the type of hair and style you would like for your service the Sunday before your appointment. 615-525-6872
here is purchased Monday by 1:00. no hair will be purchased after that time.

5. If you cancel and we have already purchased your hair for your service. you pay for the cancellation fee plus the hair fee.

6. Please be on time! If you are 10 minutes late contact us at 615-525-6872. If we need to reschedule you due to time restrictions we will let you know. Please communicate through text with us in a timely fashion as we will do our best to communicate with you as well.

7. Please have your hair taken down and ready to be shampooed. If your hair is not taking down we will add a take down fee to your service.

8. Deposits for braids are made when the service is scheduled.

9. Canceling consistently, no showing and rescheduling constantly can result in being declined as a client.

10. When you schedule online your spot is held until the appointment is declined.